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Hamburger University

Did you know that McDonald’s has their own schools for training McDonald’s leaders? McDonald’s has six of these “Hamburger-schools” already and are now expanding with another one in China. Their goal is to educate 5000 McDonald’s leaders the next five years. When I read this news on I almost fell of my chair. It’s a fast-food chain! They cook burgers and sell them to people; do they really need a university to train their own people?

Apparently they do, their first training facility was opened up in 1961 and they have been running and expanding ever since. The official name of the Hamburger school is Hamburger University and they actually receive college credit recommendations from the American council of Education.

At the hamburger school future leaders are trained in McDonalds key values for running a McDonald’s: Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value. Perhaps the hamburger schools are the reason that all the McDonald’s restaurants are so successful?