Kvikk Lunsj sentimentality

Kvikk Lunsj sentimentality

I love being in America, but watching this commercial made me miss Norway a little bit:

Kvikk lunsj (“quick lunch”) is a chocolate that resembles Kit Kat but tastes so much better. Or does it?

Kvikk lunsj was modelled after Kit Kat, the British chocolate coated biscuit- bars. Personally, I think the major difference between a Kit Kat and a Kvikk lunsj is the sentimental value of a Kvikk lunsj bar. Kvikk lunsj has been marketed as the hiking chocolate for 60 years, and Norwegians love hiking. Easter is high season for Kvikk lunsj as Norwegian families pack their bags and head to the mountains to go hiking and cross-country skiing, with a Kvikk Lunsj in their backpack.

The commercial depicts the spirit of Easter, the true love for nature and how volunteers make all the hiking tracks possible around in the mountains. My favourite part of the commercial is when the man driving the maintenance car that makes the ski-tracks, turns around and looks at the tracks and they are shaped like (inverted) Kvikk Lunsj tracks. In the clip we see volunteers in the Norwegian Trekking association in action. They are building cabins and bridges, putting up signs and paint red T’s on rocks and trees of hiking tracks. The red T’s show where the hiking tracks go and are a sight for the sore eyes of a Norwegian missing home.

Kvikk lunsj, I do not know how you would do in a blind taste test against Kit Kat, but I know that our connection is much deeper than that. You are so much more than a chocolate bar to me. You are everything I like about Norway: hiking with my family, reaching the goal and take a break, simplicity and purity.

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