Sexing up chocolate milk

Sexing up chocolate milk

Cocio is a Danish chocolate milk brand. The brand is known to be a rather old-fashioned and un-glamorous brand in Denmark where it is preferably drunk together with traditional Danish hot dogs. The Cocio factory in Esbjerg, Denmark produces about 400 000 bottles of Cocio a day and export  to USA, Norway and Sweden.  However, in Norway and Sweden, the sales aren’t going so well. Where I come from (Stavanger, Norway) Cocio is one of those drinks that you find on the bottom shelf in the fridge in the local petrol station.  This image of Cocio as a classic but un-glamorous brand is about to change as Cocio now tries to take over larger market shares in Norway and Sweden.  Cocio’s marketing department decided they wanted to keep their classic image but at the same time, sex it up a little by having Sexy Eva Mendez delivering Cocio milk in this TV commercial:

Michael Broch Hansen, Cocio’s sales- and marketing director says that it is not an easy task to describe what it feels like to drink a bottle of Cocio, but Eva Mendez personifies the experience because she is a classic beaty and at the same time she has that dark side to her, just like Cocio. I think they do a good job with making the brand more sexy and glamorous and at the same time keeping the classic, retro brand-image. What do you think of the commercial? please post a comment!

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