5 reasons why I love IKEA

IKEA is a Swedish brand that has stores in 25 countries all over the world. The countries with top the sales numbers are Germany, USA and France. Last year, IKEA sales rose by 1.4% despite there being a recession which is not at all surprising as it is a place you can go shopping on a budget, and IKEA is known for their low prices and functionality of their furniture. The low prices is something they are able to offer due to their designers using their creative skills to find the cheapest possible way to manufacture their products and by cutting costs in transportation by packing unassembled pieces of furniture in flat boxes to save money on transportation and assembling. IKEA is no doubt one the reasons why Sweden is ranked high on brand worth. (see http://www.thelocal.se/7473/20070601/)

5 reasons why I love IKEA:

1. The IKEA catalog

I used to have a note on my postbox that said “No unadressed mail please, except from the IKEA catalog”. IKEA spend about 70% of their overall marketing budget on the IKEA catalog and more copies of the catalog have been published than copies of the Bible! The catalogs are pretty and can be a good read.

2. The Scandinavian spirit can be seen in the functionality and simplicity of the product designs and the hospitality and homely, friendly environment in the IKEA stores. They even let this guy live in an IKEA store for a whole week:

If you want to see how the rest of the week went, go to Marklivesinikea.com

3. Prices for everyone. Even though the cheap prices comes of the cost of having to assemble the furniture yourself which can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity. However, knowing that you built your own kitchen or wardrobe can make you feel like a furniture God/Godess.

4. The Stories and history behind the products: Raise your hand if you own a BILLY bookshelf! The BILLY bookshelf and Klippan sofa has been selling for 30 years, since the start of IKEA. If you remember the old electricity boxes with round knobs that you had to push in when the electricity went out, you might recognise these:

The PS candlelight-holders are made of old-fashioned electricity-box knobs that there was no use in anymore after the electricity-boxes were upgraded with switches instead of knobs.

5. The IKEA meatballs. You cannot go to an IKEA store without stopping by the cafeteria for the Swedish meatballs. They are only one dollar and some customers go to IKEA solely for the meatballs. By offering this cheap dish they draw people into their stores, increasing the likelihood of them buying something they did not know they needed.

…And that is why I love IKEA.







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