Win-Win for Lex Ware labs

Win-win for Lex Ware Labs

Lex ware Labs is a Swedish company that specializes in language and translator tools. They recently hit the Jackpot, when Apple Inc approved their wake up alarm as an iPhone application. Since iPhone already has a large consumer-base, Lex Ware can surf the apple wave for free! – WIN!

The sleep cycle application is an alarm clock that measures what stage of sleep you are in. This is measured by placing the iPhone in bed, and detecting your movements with the accelerometer in the iPhone (the mechanism that makes the picture turn when your turn the phone). It will also record how you sleep and wake you up when you are in one of the more shallow stages of sleep. Studies have shown that when waking someone up from their slow wave sleep, they may feel more tired and and it takes a longer time to get their cognitive functions up to a normal awake level then if you wake them up from the other stages of sleep ( Ferrrara, Gennaro, Casagrande and Bertini 2000). The alarm will go off within half an hour of a designated time that you set it to and when you wake up, a graph will show your level of activity during the night. How cool is that?

I t may not be necessary to have an alarm clock that wakes you up when it thinks you are not in deep sleep and that shows a graph over how you slept, but consumers wants is anyhow. The novelty-factor and entertaining side to it makes it attractive to consumers. So, the coolness and novelty factor: WIN!


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