Success-stories of Ugly Shoes


When I was in high school in Norway, everybody wore them.  We first saw the Spice girls in them, after that all the girls in school had them and by short boys hated them. The Buffalo boots:

They were hugely popular in Europe. I had a pair. and many times have I asked myself: why did I wear them?

 I think the answer is simple. We wanted the shoes, because everybody else had them, including the Spice girls.  We liked the Spice girls, and because The spice girls and the Buffalo shoes appeared together frequently we started liking the Buffalo shoes.  In other words, an example of classical conditioning. To learn more, click  on the illustration below and imagine the dog is me or you:

In America, Buffalo boots were for “the freaks”. The Spice girls were not that popular and over here, Marilyn Manson wore the buffalo boots. As he represented “the freaks”, they were conditioned to like the shoes, as shown in this illustration. (Click to enlarge)

classical cinditioning of the buffal boots in America

Perhaps wearing ugly shoes is one of those unfortunate events that inevitably occurs from time to time  to the humankind. In 2005 paparazzi-pictures of celebrities wearing UGGs came out. The shoes fall into the same category as the Buffalo shoes, they may be a lot of things, but they are not the prettiest shoes in the shop.

Crocs is another tale of ugly shoes-success, selling to people all over the world. Crocs had a 2 million USD net income in 2008. Here is a picture of desperate housewives star Teri hatcher wearing a green pair:


3 Responses to “Success-stories of Ugly Shoes”

  1. January 22, 2010 at 7:03 am

    And what about the ugly Croc shoes! What shoe has a “hate website” dedicated to how wrong it is? http://www.ihatecrocs.com

  2. 3 Viktorija
    February 23, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    I still hate uggs. It is the ugliest shoes I ever had, but everybody are wearing it. It’s all about uggs these days. Shops are full of it.
    The young people are attracted to celebrities which makes them to follow a “new” fashion style. This is ridiculous just because someone is famous it doesn’t mean it has a good taste. Unfortunately majority follow the footsteps of the celebrities. So people don’t see that there are other style beautiful, comfy and warm shoes. Ugg(lly)’s are around us.

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